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any tips for writing a canon pairing in a way that makes fans want to ship them?


Aright, straight up, shipability of couples is a ‘your mileage may vary’ situation for viewers no matter what. That said! Let’s talk about two basic ways that I can think of to make couples appealing to the readers. 

  • Desire to be in relationship/for partner:
    If a sympathetic character wants something, the audience will want them to have it. This is true regardless of what the character wants- if they want a glass of water, if they want to save the world, if they want a relationship with the person that they love. Basically, we want our favorite characters to be happy. So, if they want a relationship, we will want them to have it. What kind of relationship and why they want it will vary, of course. They might want sex, or love, or companionship (or all of those), and they might want to be with someone because that person is attractive, or because they’re funny, or because they’re interesting (or all). The actual reasons that your character wants that relationship are nearly infinite, though some of these motives and characterizations will be more sympathetic than others.
    For an example, I’ll go ahead and use ‘Welcome to Night Vale’, a podcast.
    >Spoiler<, Cecil and Carlos are the canon couple there. Cecil’s puppyish adoration of Carlos is why the audience wants a relationship between the two. Carlos has actually only gotten to be a voice on the show for less than ten minutes total (out of 34 episodes). However, the audience likes Cecil, and Cecil really, really wants to touch Carlos’s perfect hair. So they root for him.  
  • Dynamic with partner:
    Some people are more interesting and fun to watch when they are together. Some people also clearly enjoy each other’s company, or get along very well, or have good strong chemistry. Fans generally pick up on this quite well, and enjoy it, because, well, characters that are more interesting or more fun when they’re together are more interesting and fun for the audience. There are many different dynamics that partners can have- some partners bicker, some make a good team, others offset each other or bring out different aspects of their personalities. This will also include their behavior towards each other- maybe one partner tends to get in trouble, and the other one gets them back out of trouble, and that’s their dynamic. They might take turns taking care of each other. There’s so much variance that I can’t really tell you how to do it in so many words- but when a couple has an appealing dynamic, you can really tell. Instead of disappearing into each other and becoming less interesting, they create a more interesting mixture that brings different aspects of their character to light, synching up and making a dynamic pair. 
    Example: ‘Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ And Amal’, webcomic. (The canon pair here is not even a spoiler, because it’s in the bedamned title). They naturally and believably get along very well. Particularly, they spend a lot of time conversing and bantering- whatever else is up with their relationship, you feel like they could talk to each other for hours without tiring of it (which is great for them, because they spend most of the story driving along cross-country). They like each other, so the audience likes them. 

Okay! I hope that at least some of that was helpful. Followers, how about reblogging with what makes you personally enjoy a canon couple? 



when a gay guy shames another gay guy for ‘acting too gay’ 


Think of how many people have sat next to you on a bus, train, whatever. Now think how many people have sat next to you on purpose with their fingers crossed in hope that you’ll talk to them. I’m sure somebody has. There’s plenty of times when somebody’s seen you and hoped that you spoke to them, but you never did because you don’t have the guts and neither do they. Don’t go around thinking nobody likes you and that you’re not loved. There’s been plenty of times when a stranger has spotted you and thought “Oh, they’re just my type” but haven’t had the courage or confidence to open their mouth and initiate a conversation. The funny thing is, neither have you. —my number 1 (via geo-wee)

1. The “Puppy Lover”: the one that kisses a bit sloppily but you accept it because his arms cradle you and his eskimo kisses melt you. This is the one that’s always touching you if he can; a hand in yours or in your arm, arm hooked with yours or around your shoulders. Kisses peppered over your face and ticklish on your neck, small smiles that make you giggle. Legs touching and lots of kisses, ‘I love you’s sprinkled more the ones on your ice cream sundaes. The one that you leave because he’s suffocating, but not the kind of suffocating you’d like.

2. The “One Who Got Away”: the one that you thought you’d end up with forever, whose kisses were perfect and hugs even more so. This is the relationship where you eventually had more fights than agreements, but you kept thinking that it would work out perfectly. And then one day it felt like the red string tying your pinkies snapped and retying just made it worse and although a part of you would always love him, it was better to just let those ends fray.

3. The “One Who You Never Got”: the one that you stared at in the middle of algebra, concentrated more on his new haircut than how to find the vertex of a parabola. His kisses happened when your eyes closed and you lost yourself in daydreams, and the only time he touched you was by accident. You still remember the time you handed him the pencil he dropped and you were convinced he fell in love when he said ‘thanks.’ And to this day, a part of you still thinks you’d be perfect together, that one day he’d catch you by your locker and lean against the neighboring one and begin a conversation with ‘hey, so I noticed you…’

4. The “Romantic Movie Protagonist”: the one that seems to be a combination of every single dream guy in the world. It’s Noah of ‘The Notebook’ meets Jack of ‘Titanic’ meets Landon of ‘A Walk to Remember.’ He’ll blast music from a boombox outside your window in the middle of a sleepless night and send flowers when you least expect it. Chocolates on Valentine’s Day and just when he feels like it and a candlelight dinner and rose petals to celebrate Fridays—or Mondays. He does all these things for you but soon you realize this is just a grown up version of the “Puppy Lover” and you’re suffocated again. It’s sad, but maybe you’ll find someone that’ll carry a boombox on his shoulder for you.

5. “The “Perfect One”: the one that seems to fit every definition of immaculate, flawless, ideal, pristine, impeccable but had only room around his neck for one name tag: liar. He’d be a bit too perfect and soon his lies made no sense—just how many history tests did he have?—and the day you went to his place to set up for a surprise dinner and saw that what he had to do wasn’t picking up extra hours at work but someone else, the heartbreak was anything but perfect.

6. The “Best Friend”: the one that you may not have grown up with but the one that you feel like you have. He laughs at your stupid jokes and when you ordered a salad on your first date, he offered half his hamburger, just in case. When you were sick and said you looked like crap; and then you opened the door, expecting your best friend, but instead you saw him holding the ice cream and movies, saying that he may or may not have intercepted her at Walgreens (in the most friendly way possible.) This is the one that all those wrong ones worked out for, why they ended—just so you could find him.

—"The Six Types of People You’ll Fall in Love With"


I want to write a queer novel that has actual happiness in it, like something that ends well and is funny and sweet and makes people flail at really cute things. I want a queer story that isn’t full of tragedy and pain ((though I do see the point and merit in them, and I have plans to write my own)).

I want to write a happy queer story that has a bright, pretty cover and lovely little curls in the script.

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